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Learn How to Play!

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For anyone confused on how to actually play our FiveM Servers, you can find information on how to join down below!


  1. You must first obtain a LEGAL copy of Grand Theft Auto V Through Steam.
  2. Download and run the FiveM setup through this website here.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions!
  4. To connect to our server, go to the search tab and type in "ECPR" without the quotes, alternatively you can direct connect trough this:


Optional Sign-up instructions:

To become anything other then civilian in-game you must register an account through this website, which will also grant you special privileges to see into otherwise hidden forums!

We recommend you sign-up on our CAD system, in case you get pulled over in-game for role-playing purposes! You can find a link to the CAD through our homepage https://www.ecproject.net/.


For anyone still confused after these instructions you can contact support for additional assistance through the link on the homepage.

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