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    ECPL Server Rules

    If you notice someone breaking the rules inform a staff member through in-game OOC or TeamSpeak. FIGHTING RULES IN-GAME IN ANY FORM WILL RESULT IN FURTHER PUNISHMENT General Rules: Use Common Sense No RDM / VDM No FailRP No Cheating (Advantages that others don’t have) No Troll Menus (Menu Primarily Used for Trolling) No cop baiting (eg. intentionally trying to get pulled over) No teleporting | no-clipping around players or RP Area No racist | sexist chat or usernames No unrealistic driving (eg. jumping a sports car) No interfering with an ongoing RP (eg traffic stops) No starting priorities during priority cooldown or priorities on hold No back to back prioritys No bulk object spawning | actions that affect all connected clients No godmode No combat logging No explosives, explosive ammo or fireworks without admin pre-approval No speed boosting, engine or torque multipliers (Max speed is 150 on flat road) No heavily armored vehicles No map blips or other markers that show you where players are No public police officers (apply on our website or interview on TeamSpeak) You must have a mic to play on our servers You must value your life No chat spam (3 or more of the same message in a row) No ear rape/mic spam/anything but voice No complaining about a warn/kick/ban in chat - use forums or teamspeak No starting RP in front of Sandy PD (unless you are a lawyer for a suspect) No leaving vehicles on the side of the road - pick up after yourself with ‘/dv’ No Tron Bike / Tron uniform / Monster Trucks No Bullet Proof Tires on any vehicle, police or otherwise No rainbow paint or smoke effects Do not repeatedly do the same scenarios The following rules are specific to emergency services and jail: Police may run all armor and performance upgrades on any vehicle Police may not run over or ‘love tap’ suspects fleeing on foot without clearance for lethal Police must wait a 5 minute PIT timer from the start of pursuit (Per suspect not vehicle). Police are subject to realistic driving rules (no mountain climbing in a charger) Police cannot have weird/unrealistic colored vehicles On duty, the police must be in RTO If you run from the police without a valid RP reason, we will double your sentence Police may revive other police during shootouts by walking over them (within reason) Police may not jail somebody for a crime without evidence. ‘gut feeling’ or metagamed information is not sufficient for a conviction Police MUST uncuff suspects BEFORE sending them to jail or hospital FIVE M plates are considered stolen a officer's discretion Emergency Medical Services or Fire is not allowed to enter a scene until the situation is cleared by police supervisors You are not allowed to be a stringer [Not able to be a civ in Police RTO] When you are cuffed and there's an officer within ~5 foot distance, you cannot run. Any more than a 5-foot distance, you can run as this distance enables a person to run without being immediately tackled/grabbed in real life. Special rules for specific objects / scenarios: Supercars may not drive off road / dirt, even during priority Supercars are considered ‘inoperable’ after one significant crash Motorcycles may not drive off road / dirt, even during priority Pulling full-length firearms out of thin air is FailRP (take them from vehicle/bag instead) Sprinting with heavy weapons is FailRP (anything in heavy weapon or LMG slot) Hitman RP is allowed if the victim has agreed to participate. MilitaryRP is allowed to do scenarios such as transports and other non-emergency events. Department Transfer Specific Rules: Miscellaneous rules Only staff are to have a red name. The segment of the dirt road parallel to East Joshua Road in sandy shores should not exceed the posted speed limit. If you exceed the posted speed limit it is considered cop bait. No wheelie mods
  2. Welcome to EC Project Life. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  3. Welcome to EC Project Life. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.